2018 HIES Teacher training seminar complete

2018 HIES Teacher training seminar complete

Islamic community Milli Gorus UK Education Directorate organised a two day seminar series for its teachers (2018 HIES – Seminars for in-service teacher training ). The program was held on the 9th and 10th of January, at ICMG Edmonton Education Centre. There were 30 Teachers in attendance in total and all made pleasing progress.

The seminar began with an opening speech from UK Director of Education, Mustafa Cabir Altintas; he shared important information with regards to ICMG education activities, and future plans. In his speech, Mr Altintas continued by saying: “Our responsibilities include both maintaining and imparting the peace and justice as well as the comprehensive fulfilment of our religion of Islam. The ICMG UK promotes a value-bound life, which is marked by a quest for the good, selflessness, a sense of community solidarity, and a commitment to justice, lead by some principles such as “compete in the race for goodness”, “The most beloved people to Allah are those who are beneficial to others” and “Make things easier for people, do not make them difficult” all sayings of Rasulallah saw.

ICMG supports the participation of Turkish people and other nations in Islam in all areas of life. It represent their interests and is committed to the protection of their fundamental rights.

Mr. Altintas also emphasised that the education department is the largest one which is responsible for the development of course materials, teaching implementation and instruction. It also offers tutoring and training courses in the Turkish language & Arabic language & Maths & Science for children, adults and families.

Currently we have more than three hundred students studying in our supplementary schools during the weekends, and fifty students during the week days, Elhamdulillah.

The Program continued with the main guest speaker Mr. Ramazan Baslik, the Headquarters Education Manager. He presented four different seminars over two days entitled: “The value of education; Preparing and planning a lesson; How to teach a lesson; and How to be a man of Passion for good in society.”

The program continued with discussions about the problems within education and how education can become more productive and effective within teaching methods in the new term. It was very useful and beneficial for teachers and parents alike to hear this seminar.

Director of Education, Mr Altintas hinted that ICMG UK could organise this kind of event in the future for the continued benefit of teachers & students for future generations, in’sha Allah.