An introduction to ICMG Hajj & Umrah


Since its establishment nearly six decades ago, ICMG Hajj & Umrah services have constantly been developing, growing and improving with every pilgrimage & has always had a special place in our organisation. Our reputation has spread rapidly around the world, especially Europe. In Hajj and Umrah travel we have become a leading agent. Hajj and Umrah is a unique and honourable service entrusted to us, and we have always made it our main aim to provide an equally honourable service. Holding nothing back, we are taking steady and sure steps to expanding our operations, & fast building new facilities by the grace of Allah Subhanu wa Ta’Ala.
Our London branch of Islamic Community ‘Milli Gorus’ (ICMG) is working at full speed registering its increasing number of pilgrims for the Umrah organisation for April 2018. Umrah fees start from £1200 for a two week period & we aim to provide the best quality  service with our very experienced Hajj/Umrah management and guidance.