ICMG Training days in Brighton


By Hoca Nasreddin.

Join our training days in ICMG Brighton. Our learning days and times are Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 3pm. Our days include learning & practising praying methods, learning the Turkish and Arabic languages and cultural teachings.

We help encourage and support all of the students to become caring, kind, thoughtful and helpful members of society. We teach awareness training and how to be positively active members of the community.

We also run fun activities, including yoghurt making & crafts giving the children insight into Turkish traditions. We also like to hear what the traditions of our students family homes are!

This is our schools second year & we are so pleased with the progress and improvements we have made to date. This wouldn’t have been possible without the positivity and commitment of our teachers and pupils.

May Allah reward each of you, Amin.

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