The British Culture and Education Course

The British Culture and Education Course

The British Culture and Education Course, which was organised for the first time by the Education Directorate, attracted great interest.

The Education Department successfully completed the British Culture and Education Course, which was held between April the 8th and 16th. It was of great interest for the students to learn, enjoy and gain cultural information. The direction of the social activity on the holiday course where Islamic education was the front-line was also strong. Learning English was made practical by creating well structured English sessions. The London and Oxford visits, as well as the daily social activities, were highly appreciated by the students. For example, the story about Pharaoh’s body in the British Museum was most intriguing to the students. Furthermore, there were some social activities that took place in the evening, such as bowling, swimming, wrestling, camping, sightseeing and beneficial talks Alhamdulillah.

Mustafa Cabir Altintas, Director of Education, who gave information about the ‘Sleepover holiday courses’ said “It is a means for our students living in different European countries to bond with each other and to promote new friendships. As a result of the male and female trainers who sacrificed time away from their families, are highly interested in their students progress whilst using their motherly and fatherly affection towards their them to strengthen their social skills.

Our students continue to work in the Presidency of Education in order to keep their Islamic identity and also in order to make the holiday courses more organised & productive on a daily basis. The Organisation of Islamic Community Milli Gorus, which is the pioneer of the service it offers, has put forward the point that it fulfils its promised services.

A total of 53 boarding courses were organised by the IGMG Education Presidency as well as by the Education Presidencies of different regions. These have significantly contributed to the students’ loyalty. Just like we have done in the past, in the proceeding summer holiday, the students will be given the opportunity to attend Bosnia Summer School and Marmara Summer School. The work for summer school has already begun, and pre-registration is being taken by the Education Presidencies.