2nd Youth Spring Camping Trip announced by ICMG Education Department


ICMG UK Education Department Council has announced the second Spring youth camping trip in April, 2018. Department director Mustafa Cabir Altintas emphasises the importance of this youth camping by saying: “ICMG UK has supported youth retreats both on its site and an in other environments over the years. We believe that supporting Muslim youths through their development to find their Muslim identity is very important. The purpose of this camp is to enrich and strengthen the hearts, minds and bodies of Muslim teenagers. We encourage Islamic education, spiritual training, reflection, social and sports activities & team building exercises both at the site and in our general education program.”
Last year in April, 2017, ICMG organised the first Spring youth camping trip with 80 children in Nuthurst, England. It was unusual experience for the children who attended for the first time, however they really enjoyed the camp and its activities. Therefore in sh Allah, The Education Department will organise a second camp between 1-8 April in Cambridgeshire. Director Mr. Altintas added: “It is a part of every western youngster’s life to go camping either with the school or with family and friends over the holidays and summer breaks. Unfortunately within the Muslim community, children are often not permitted to attend school camps due to the usually very un-Islamic activities which take place on camping trips. Even camps run by Islamic schools sometimes fail to maintain proper Islamic conduct and behaviour. What we are left with are a fresh batch of disappointed teens and teens who acquire one more reason to dislike their religion and envy their not-so-God-conscious friends and classmates.
Unfortunately in some cases, the most that these Muslim parents do to make up for their children missing out on such camps teaching major life lessons, is sending the kids off to a one-night sleepover at grandma’s house or with the cousins who are still in nappies!
So is camp really of any benefit? or are Muslim parents rightfully saving themselves a few hundred pounds every year by not letting their children attend camp? The main thing to realise is that being in a natural environment for a few consecutive days and nights surrounded by a group of same-aged friends partaking in survival and fun team building activities has a positive impact on campers for life, teaching them important lessons that can be applied in the future. We invite all children to attend this camp and  also advise parents to encourage their children join ICMG Youth Organisation.