ICMG to build biggest Masjid in Europe!


The new Eyüp Sultan Mosque in Strasburg, France will be the new beacon of Islam and  pride of Muslims in Europe.
We are committed to living together with our Islamic principles, heritage and civilisation, and our contribution to society increases each and every day, Alhamdulillah.
All faiths and cultures on earth have built magnificent temples as places of worship & as evidence of their belief. It will be the largest Islamic complex in Europe, built with authentic Islamic architecture.
Eyüp Sultan in’sha-Allah will be the lighthouse of Islam in Europe, and a symbol of religious tolerance in society.
Eyüp Sultan Mosque, is hope, a hope for freedom of identity for future generations to live freely in these lands as Muslims. It will be the largest Islamic structure in Europe. In’Sha Allah.

And as this blessed project progresses, you can have a chance to donate a brick or a prayer space in your name.
Let us all build together & let this be inheritance for future generations.
Email: info@icmg.org.uk or call: 02072548684 to donate to this Historic Project!