Galipolli battle annual remembrance day


On 18th March this year ICMG held its annual Gallipoli (Canakale) remembrance day by visiting the Turkish Ottoman Naval graves in Portsmouth to remember the sacrifice of all those who gave their lives in Galipolli (Canakale) and in service for their country including those who died in the Portsmouth Naval Mission between 1850-1859.

Over 140 people attended the event including our students, their families and our Imams from London, Margate and Brighton. The ICMG organised event promotes the slogan of “Following in the footsteps of our forefathers” who bravely and heroically died for Islam.

The event is aimed to raise awareness of the mighty Galipolli Victory and instill gratitude in us for the sacrifice of our people as well as raise awareness within our community to the fact that there are Turkish Muslim Martyrs buried in Portsmouth, UK.

We are truly greatful for the service of all our martyrs, may Allah Subhanu wa ta’Ala have mercy on them all and grant them what he promised them in eternal Paradise, Amin.