ICMG Ramadan Iftar Event


ICMG held an event for UK Ambassadors from around the world, Religious leaders and politicians along with our very own regional chariman and heads of our UK departments. The event was a huge success, a blessed atmosphere with an introduction to ICMG followed by beautiful food and prayer.
Our evening program included a Quran recitation from our head of education Hasan Catir followed by a speech from regional chairman Ubeyde Bilaloglu who highlighted in a beautiful speech that beyond our differences “We are all one family, from the same mother and father.” (Adam AS and Huwwa RA) and that we need to learn from Allah’s attributes of peace, love and mercy and show them towards one another in our lives. It is not our deeds alone that will attain us paradise but the mercy of Allah, and to gain the mercy of Allah, Rasulallah saw said one has to be merciful. One has to have ‘Rahmatul Ama’ meaning universal mercy for all of creation.