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Islam Community Milli Gorus has been a Hajj tour operator for 51 Years and during this time we have taken approximately 160’000 people on Hajj, May Allah SWT accept from them and us. These figures speak for themselves as to why you would be making the best decision to go with ICMG on this once in a lifetime pilgrimage. We have the experience to guide you through this wonderful journey of the soul.

TO BOOK PLEASE CALL 0207 254 86 84 or EMAIL hajjumrah@icmg.org.uk


  • 4 Weeks Hajj journey taking place from 12.07.2020 to 09.08.2020
  • 3 Weeks Hajj journey taking place from 20.07.2020 – 11.08.2020
  • 2 Weeks Hajj journey taking place from 22.07.2020 – 06.08.2020


£4’495 Per person in a room with 4 people sharing
£5’170 Per Person in a room with 3 people sharing
£5’495 Per Person in a room with 2 people sharing
* Extra 3 days in Mina after Jamara’at will be an extra £300 if you require food, water, shower facilities for this stay. * tents will be provided free
* Qurbani’s can be purchased on-site for £110 each.


Copthorne Hotels and Resorts ( 10 Mins By Bus to Masjid Al Haram via ICMG 24 hour bus service )


Sedef Taibe ( 3 Minutes walk from Masjid An Nabawi )
An Naqa, Medina 42311, Saudi Arabia ( Hijaz )

Our services include:

  •   Hajj Services
  •   Flights with Turkish Airlines
  •   Safe-deposit services
  •   Fatwah Services
  •   Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  •   Information desk
  •   Hajj guides in English, Turkish, Arabic and Urdu.
  •   10 litres of Zam Zam water delivered to the UK.
  •   Hajj guide on booklets and CD’s provided
  •   Medical services
  •   Transportation Service

Our ethics and main objectives are:

  • Performing this important act of worship regardless of race, ethnicity, language or Madhab (School of thought).
  • Enabling our pilgrims to perform their Hajj worship by providing education and services to enhance their excitement and spirituality.
  • To provide a 1st class service to pilgrims which may be performing Hajj for the first time.
  • Milli Gorus is committed to on the one hand making sure the blessed journey is as comfortable as possible and on the other hand to give a life-changing experience and promote pilgrims to return back to their homes with better character, attitude and behaviour.
  • Milli Gorus continues to satisfy all our pilgrims in this blessed journey. In 2020, by the mercy and will of Allah SWT, our organisation celebrated 51st years of providing Hajj & Umrah services to Muslims from Europe, Turkey, Australia & Canada.
Some of the places which we will pay a visit to in Makkah are:
  • The house at which our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) was born
  • Mount Abu Quays
  • Jannat al Mu’alla Cemetary
  • Mount Arafah
  • Muzdalifah
  • Minah
  • The site of Hudaybiyyah
  • Masjid Al Ji’ranah

Some of the places which we will pay a visit to in Madinah are:

  • Ar-Rawda al-Mutahhara
  • Jannat Al-Baqi Cemetary
  • The Quba Masjid
  • The cemetery of Uhud
  • The Masjid al-Qiblaṫayn
  • Ottoman train station & Museum
  • Hanback ( Trenches ) and the Seven Mosques

Information on our services in Mina
We will arrive at Minah one day before the day of Arafah. We will provide our pilgrims with a hot lunch and dinner in the form of a buffet on that day. Hot drinks and water will be available 24/7.
We will have breakfast on the day of Arafah in Minah and then head towards Arafah by bus.
Every pilgrim will be served with 2 lunch boxes on that day.
We will then head to Muzdalifah by bus in the evening and we will stay there overnight.
On the first day of Eid‘ ul Adha, we will head to the tents in Minah after completing the Fajr prayer. The walking distance to Minah is about 1 mile. Upon arrival, our pilgrims will be provided with breakfast.
We will then make our way to Jamarat, the three stone pillars, (also known as three walls) to throw pebbles. Afterwards, we will head to our hotel and have lunch. Once the Qurbani’s have been sacrificed we will leave the state of Ihram. We will then head back to Minah and have dinner.
We will again on the second on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th day of Eid‘ ul Adha go from the tents in Minah to Jamar’at, the three stone pillars, and return back to the tents in Minah.
2nd & 3rd days of Eid’ul Adha we provide breakfast, lunch and dinner in Minah tents.