About Islamic Community Millî Görüş (IGMG)

Islamic Community Millî Görüş (IGMG) is an Islamic community that gives comprehensive religious, social and cultural services. In this respect, our community presents various activities with the purpose of teaching, learning, introducing and practising Islam and transmitting it to future generations, while fulfiling Islamic duties. IGMG represents its members in social, cultural and political areas, deals with all kinds of matters of Muslims, and carries out activities necessary for managing their living conditions and ensuring the protection of their fundamental rights.

Quran and Sunnah are the significant sources which are decisive in IGMG’s understanding of Islam. In social and individual frameworks, Islam is a religion whose influence does not end when one exits the mosque and which, imposes a personal and social responsibility on believers regarding certain moral principles in all walks of their lives.

IGMG has a perception that practising Islam should be experienced not according to particular regional or cultural traditions but to the Quranic criteria and Sunnah of our Prophet (PBUH), which considers variety in religious practices based on religious proofs (Quran, Sunnah, Ijma and Qiyas) as richness for religious and social life. Our members see themselves as basic elements of the society with which they live without neglecting the importance of keeping relations alive with their homeland. With the awareness of this, IGMG considers itself responsible regarding the peace and welfare of the societies in which it carries out activities.

IGMG, being a part of the Islamic ummah at the same time, accepts responsibility, itself, to act sensibly regarding any problem faced by the ummah. IGMG sides with the oppressed and the aggrieved with cognition of the responsibility for all mankind and encourages the improvement of basic human virtues such as good deeds and solidarity in opposing all kinds of oppression.

This takes place within the midst of the search for solutions to the economic, political and social problems that people find themselves in the middle, and calls for a dialogue for exchanging ideas with political and social institutions in an effort to derive solutions for these problems.

Acting with the Prophetic principles “Compete in doing good, and devotion to Allah,” “The most beneficent of people is the one who is beneficial to the people,” and “Make things easy, not hard” our organization wishes to take these points, rather than controversial ones, as a shared basis, in social relations. In the religion of Islam, there are collective obligations as well as individual ones and some can only be performed collectively. In parallel with this, protection of the poor and the aggrieved, struggling against injustice, elimination of evil by spreading goodness, and performing all kinds of social relations on the basis of justice renders necessary a collective effort, thus forming a community. The necessity of being a community also became an incentive factor in Muslims’ gathering under the roof of IGMG in Europe.


According to Islamic belief, all human beings originate from Adam (PBUH), the first human being and prophet, and Eve, his spouse. Since Adam (PBUH) onwards, Allah (JJ) sent prophets and books in order to show the right path to the mankind. As a ring in this chain of prophets, Abraham (PBUH) is the ancestor of followers of the belief in the unity of Allah (monotheist belief).

In this respect, the name of our organization makes direct reference to Abraham (PBUH). The word “millî” derives from the word “millah” as a Quranic concept. Following verses are sources for usage of this concept (millah of Abraham) which is frequently cited in many places in the Holy Quran: Surah Nahl verse 123, Surah Al-i ‘Imran verse 95, Surah Nisa verse 125.

According to the Holy Quran, millah describes a community which believes in a prophet and gathers together around the values, ideals and practices brought by that prophet. Therefore, the phrase “Millî Görüş” that describes the organization must be understood as a worldview of an Islamic community, which accepts itself as belonging to the millah of Abraham (PBUH) in terms of outlook and belief and follows the path of Mohammed (PBUH), as an endeavour for peace of mankind.