Hajj 2022

Estimated Flight plan

(Flight dates may vary by 2 or 3 days)

2 weeks England02/0716/07

Our Services

  • Round trip-tickets
  • Visa and other costs included
  • Payable by cheque
  • Accommodation costs included
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel and between cities (Jeddah, Mecca, and Medina) • one guide per group (45 people)
  • Additional female guides for groups lager than 90 people
  • Full board in Mecca and Medina (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Trips in luxury coaches
  • Standard medications available at our health centre
  • Additional trips and visits
  • Fatwa service
  • Sacrificial animals
  • IT service
  • Religious sessions
  • Safekeeping of personal items
  • Provision of special clothing and utensils
  • Hajj brochure and prayer book
  • Copy of “The Secrets of the Hajj”
  • Evrad prayer book and Hajj-CD
  • Zamzam water (10 litres)
  • Umbrella
  • Ihrâm cloths for men

What is Hajj?

All acts of worship in Islam are a special form of gaining closeness to Allah. Ibâdas, precepts and prohibitions exist for the believer to lead a proper life and polish his character. The Hajj is a special Ibâdah during which the pilgrims try to combine the physical and the spiritual and to get closer to Allah. Additionally, there is a psychological aspect to the Hajj. Not only can Muslims grow spiritually but gain control over their nafs. Visiting the sacred sites is another way to consilidate one’s personal value system by reinforcing virtues like patience, solidarity, tolerance, support etc.

On a social level, the Hajj contributes to cohesion, solidarity and a sense of community among Muslims. The Hajj reflects the verse “All Muslims are brothers and sisters”. It becomes palpable for all pilgrims when they enter into the state of Ihrâm. The obligations of the Ihrâm aim at sensitizing the pilgrim to the needs of other creatures and turning his mind towards the Hereafter.

The Hajj is like a prequel to the Day of Resurrection. The pilgrim recognizes his Creator and at the same time becomes aware of his position as a creature. The Hajj brings Muslims from all countries together. All of them experience the very same feelings, share the same values and harbour the same hopes. When they have fulfilled their obligations and leave the blessed locations, they do so as an inseperable part of one great Ummah.